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EPICBOTS Month 1 Update

Hello, EPIC community!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates with you about the significant advancements we’re making at EPICBOTS. Our commitment is to keep you well-informed, ensuring you understand the EPIC journey we are on together.

Progress and Milestones

It’s been a fabulous first month with 5 utilities already live, but trust us when we say this is just the beginning!

Here are a few of the month 1 highlights:

Completion of our first EPIC Lottery using the new EPIC Lottery Bot

We have now surpassed 1000 users with our My Telegram Wallet Bot (MTW)

Added the new multi chain portfolio reader inside MTW

Surpassed 1000 members in our Telegram community

Rebranded and launched the EPIC Raffle Bot and EPIC Guardian Bot

Onboarded international moderators

Created a wealth of educational content including documentation and video explainers

Partnerships with 3 exciting crypto brands designed to bring awareness and users to our products

Upcoming Features

We are entering the last phase of development with our new EPIC Wallet Tracker Bot , which is set to dramatically increase the profitability of hundreds of traders within our community. This tool allows you to track transactions across six different chains—a capability that sets us apart from the competition and highlights our commitment to relentlessly delivering ‘EPIC’ Bots.

Wallet Tracking is the new meta for the 2024 bull run.

The crypto community no longer want to be exit liquidity for KOLs, Whales or Insiders who have early positions. Wallet tracking levels the playing field and we are delighted to support that.

An Abundance of New Tools 

We have a whole heap of cool new tools and features coming off the development production line in May.

Here are some that will join the EPIC Wallet Tracker:

  • EPIC Wallet Scanner : This bot allows our community to score wallets using the EPIC scoring matrix. Using variables such as profitability, duration of trading and token trades.
  • Escrow Feature: This feature allows the introduction of web3 subscription models into the EPICBOTS ecosystem.
  • EPIC Portal Bot: A telegram anti spam bot with unique captcha for community use.
  • EPIC Rug Detector: Our new security tool will help you identify safe investment opportunities by spotting potential risks and red flags in token contracts.

These tools are part of our broader effort to create a comprehensive 20+ bot ecosystem that not only tracks but also alerts and analyses market behaviours to offer you a competitive edge.

Tiered Access System

We are implementing a tiered access system that rewards our most dedicated community members. By holding different levels of $EPIC tokens, you can unlock various tiers of service. These will include access to our revenue share model.

The Value of Community and $EPIC Tokens

Investing in EPICBOTS token is more than just supporting our project; it’s about accessing a suite of tools that can significantly enhance your trading outcomes. Our upcoming bots will transform the way you engage with the crypto market, providing you with tools that are tailored to help you succeed.

Looking Forward

The future is extremely bright for the EPICBOTS project and our community.

Stay tuned for future updates and announcements.