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We create Telegram BOTS for

Project founders


Private Users

With over 20 BOTS already scoped we have all your needs covered. Whether a project founder, community or private user we have an EPIC BOT for you.   

Top quality

Banger BOTS

Multi level Telegram BOTS that are jam packed with simple, intuitive and lightning fast features providing a seamless user experience.

Our most recent Banger bot:

Stimulate and excite

Engagement BOTS

Looking to bring fun and engaging tools to your Telegram community? Look no further, our BOTS will get your crypto family bouncing!

Our most recent Engagement bot:

Credit Economy

We have created an EPIC micro economy involving EPIC Credits. Buy, send, receive and gift Credits from your proprietary My Telegram Wallet account enabling exclusive access to the Banger Bot premium level features that you do NOT WANT TO MISS!

Connect your wallets

A read only signature from a trusted source like

Set your privacy level

Publicly visible or do you want to keep things private?

Select network

Buy Credits on Ethereum or Arbitrum in a few clicks

EPIC Credits

Use EPIC Credits to unlock top tier features in our ecosystem

$EPIC Token

$EPIC is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is deflationary in nature with buyback and burns being fuelled by EPIC credit sales and periodic marketing wallet purchases.

CA: 0x680c89C40dE9D14aa608a1122363caD18783F837

$EPIC has a variety of purposes within the EPICBOTS Ecosystem:

  • Access to Revenue Share
  • Hold to unlock EPIC Gate content
  • Discounted credit purchases ( Phase 2 )
  • Airdrop reward for ecosystem engagement
  • Burns


Total Supply

100 Million


50 Million


20 Million


10 Million


10 Million

Team & KOLS

10 Million

Buy Tax


Sell Tax


Transfer Tax


Roadmap 2024
Phase 01


Quality comes first. Setting our foundation, while focussing on smart project management and solid communication for top performance.

  • Create brand concept
  • Develop first bots
  • Grow community
Phase 02


$EPIC is ready to set its footprint and show the power of a well thought out circular ecosystem, while adding new features on the go.

  • Credit Economy
  • Revenue Share
  • Advertising Portal
Phase 03


Full steam ahead, expanding with high speed and big numbers in every way possible. Community growth, marketing flow and a lot of exciting technology.

  • Multiple bot releases
  • Premium Features
  • dApp Launch

Meet our team

Bull Ring Crypto





Wizard Dev


Brand Manager


Project Manager


Check out our Gitbook for full information

EPICBOTS is a suite of Telegram Bots designed with cutting edge AI technology, providing you and 10,000's of Web3 communities with Market Intelligence, Fun and Engagement Tools.

These are our finest bot products. Bangers are jam packed full of features designed to enhance your crypto experience. Most of these features are entirely free but they will come with tiered access and premium tools for the discerning crypto investor.

These are cool tools for entire communities to access and engage with. They have been built with fun, simplicity and mass appeal in mind. These will be launched at intervals between the Banger bots.

Our ecosystem is designed to make sure everyone can enjoy our bots without the special need to buy our $EPIC token. Simply buy EPIC Credits and use them to access your favourite bots.

Take note that you will have to use EPIC Credits to access our top tier features and functionalities, fully unlocking the ultimate EPIC experience.

Want to buy EPIC Credits? Simply open "My Telegram Wallet" connect your wallet or create a temporary wallet and buy the credits.

Currently we have 20+ bots scoped out and on the production line. We uphold the highest quality possible for our bots and make sure every single one is connected to our ecosystem, creating value for its users on various levels.

$EPIC is available on the Ethereum network and can be bought on Uniswap.

Make sure to only use and add our official Contract Address:


EPIC Academy