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Join the EPICBOTS Referral Program and Earn Rewards!

We’re excited to launch our new referral program for @EpicGuardianBot and @EpicRaffleBot! Now, you can earn rewards by spreading the word about our fantastic bots.

Here’s how it Works:
  1. Refer a Group: Reach out to owners or admins of active crypto groups and invite them to add @EpicGuardianBot or @EpicRaffleBot. Ensure the group has an active trading token and is on social media platforms like Telegram and Twitter.
  2. Send Proof: Once the bot is added, send a message to @cml_pablo. Include screenshots showing the bot in the group and interactions from members to verify the bot’s active use.
  3. Earn Rewards: For each successful referral, earn $15 for @EpicGuardianBot and $15 for @EpicRaffleBot, paid to you in $EPIC at the end of each month.
Monthly Bonuses for Top Referrers:
  • 1st Place: $50

  • 2nd Place: $25

  • 3rd Place: $15

How to Refer:
  • Speak with Group Owners: Find a suitable crypto-related Telegram group. Contact the owner or admin and explain the benefits of our bots:

  • Invite the Bot: After getting approval, ask the group owner to add @EpicGuardianBot and / or @EpicRaffleBot to the group. Make sure the bot is integrated and members start using it.

  • Send Proof: Screenshot the bot in action within the group. Post the screenshot in the DM of @cml_pablo.

Program Rules:
  • The group must be active and have a tradeable token.

  • The bot must remain active and functional in the group for at least two weeks.

  • Rewards are distributed monthly in $EPIC.

  • Only active projects are eligible.

  • We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

  • Program duration: Until end of June 2024.

Stay updated and get support

All updates will be shared in the EPICBOTS main chat. For questions or issues, contact @cml_pablo on Telegram.

Get Started Today!

Start referring @EpicGuardianBot or @EpicRaffleBot today to earn rewards and help us grow our community.