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Earn Rewards with the Second Edition of the EPICBOTS Referral Program: Promote Security, Fun, and Democracy in Crypto Communities!

We’re thrilled to announce our second edition of referral program for @EpicGuardianBot, @EpicRaffleBot, and now also @EpicVoteKickerBot! Earn rewards by promoting these fantastic bots.

Our winners in the last edition won over 40 000 $EPIC Tokens. Its time to start round Two! 

How It Works

Refer a Group: Invite owners or admins of active crypto groups to add @EpicGuardianBot, @EpicRaffleBot, or @EpicVoteKickerBot without any costs. BOTS ARE FREE! 

Send Proof: Once the bot is added, send a message to @cml_pablo with screenshots showing the bot in the group and interactions from members.

Earn Rewards: For each successful referral, earn $15 for each bot, paid in $EPIC at at 7 July 2024

Bonuses for Top Referrers

1st Place: $75
2nd Place: $50
3rd Place: $25

What Do $EPIC Bots do?

@EpicGuardianBot: Keeps your group safe by watching for scammers and name changes. If someone suspicious is found, you can ban them with one click. And it’s free!

@EpicRaffleBot: Makes it easy to run raffles and giveaways in your group. Set prizes, participants, and time, and the bot does the rest. And it’s free!

@EpicVoteKickerBot: Lets your group vote on whether to kick out problematic members or marketers. It’s democratic and helps keep your community clean. And it’s free!

You can learn more about them at

Program Rules

  • Ensure the group has an active trading token and is on social media platforms like Telegram and Twitter. For each bot added you will earn 15 USD.
  • Group must be active with a tradeable token and have at at least 50 members
  • Bot must remain active. We need to see that bot was used at least once in the group in chat history. (we will be checking in history search). If the bots are not used, just added to the group this referral will not be qualified.
  • Rewards are distributed in $EPIC.
  • This round lasts two weeks. Program runs until 7 July 2024.

Stay Updated and Get Support

All updates will be shared in the EPICBOTS main chat

Get Started Today!

Start referring @EpicGuardianBot, @EpicRaffleBot, or @EpicVoteKickerBot today to earn rewards and help us grow our community.