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Welcome to EPICBOTS!

Welcome to EPICBOTS 

EPICBOTS is a web3 project built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is focused on the development and supply of Telegram Bots to a wide variety of crypto enthusiasts. Our suite of bots is ultimately designed to remove much of the friction and confusion associated with setting up a secure and thriving Telegram community. The problem we have identified is that founders and community moderators often have to go to a host of different providers to find the specific community management and engagement tools they desire.

EPICBOTS will build a one-stop shop whatever your bot requirements are. 

We supply solutions to 3 target audiences with a wide spectrum of needs.

These audiences span the following categories: 

  • Project Founders, KOLs, Callers, Industry Leaders, NFT Artists and Content Creators
  • Collective Communities 
  • Individual Traders, Investors, and Inquisitive Minds 

The Bots themselves are divided into 2 pools.

They are: 

  • Engagement Bots 
  • Banger Bots 

Engagement Bots fulfil a fun and/or informative role in assisting community management teams. Examples of these bots are the EPIC Raffle Bot, EPIC Gas Bot, EPIC Burn Bot, and the EPIC Guardian Bot. 

Banger Bots are feature-laden premium bots that predominately cover areas that increase profitability and provide market intelligence. Examples would be EPIC Wallet Tracker, EPIC Rug Detector, and EPIC Listings. 

At the heart of our ecosystem is the proprietary My Telegram Wallet (MTW). 

MTW allows users to securely align one of their EVM-compatible addresses with their Telegram User ID.

The purpose of this is so we can bring together the unique EPICBOTS dual economy system.

The dual economy system fuses the Credit Economy and the $EPIC Token Economy.

The Credit Economy involves our ‘Credits’. These credits are similar to an app game coin or digital loyalty point and allow EPICBOTS to incentivise, reward and gamify community participation. 

The $EPIC Economy is our ERC20 web3/crypto token that opens access to private groups, tiered features, and of course our rev share model. 

We intend to have over 20 Telegram Bots used in communities by the end of 2024.

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